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We believe in excellent customer service, so we love getting feedback! Below are some of our favorite patient testimonials. If you would like to add your own, please click on the "Your Feedback" button, or go to your favorite online site (Yelp, Google, etc.).

Great Dentist

"My husband and I have seen Dr. Ahmadian and have been happy with our care and treatment. The staff is very friendly and accomodating. There was absolutely no pain with my deep cleaning. We will be returning and recommend him to others."

(Jaguar26 at Citysearch on January 06, 2009)

Best dentist ever!! Truly a miracle!!

"I love this dentist!! I was absolutely terrified to go to the dentist, avoided it for 10 years (how embarrassing!!) and then a tooth broke so I was forced to go. I chose Dr. Ahmadian based on a positive review posted on Yelp!, and WOW! was I glad I did so. He's very gentle, kind, and (most importantly) painless! So far he's repaired my broken tooth and given me 2 crowns and it was no more frightening than going to the grocery store. Thanks, Dr. Ahmadian!!!"

(Mrsmiga at Citysearch September 29, 2007)

5 Star Rating

"I like Dr. Ahmadian so much that even though I moved three hours away to the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) area, I want to keep him as my dentist, He is the best dentist I have ever gone to. He is friendly, gentle and cares about his patients.  And his work shows a great amount of skill. 


Dr. Ahmadian explains exactly what is wrong with my tooth and what options I have to get it fixed. Other dentists I went to seemed to jump to the most intrusive (and expensive) procedure but Dr. Ahmadian explains the pros and cons of each option and then lets ME DECIDE the course to take. For these reasons and many more I have not the room to go into, I drive 200 miles to keep seeing Dr. Ahmadian."

(StephenJ at Yelp! on August 17, 2013)

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